MES-Kit (1-3/4 Gallon) - MAC-EZSpray

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MES-KIT - EZ-Fit Adapter Kit to Fit Your Gun
1-3/4 Gallon

Only $109.00

New  "EZ-Fit Adapter Kit" With Everything You Need To Fit Your Gun

  •  Hopper and Pressurized System can be Attached to Most Sprayguns

  •  Kit Includes Larger 1-3/4 Gallon Hopper, Coupler, Regulator, and Connecting T

  •  Regulates Material Coming Out

  •  Material Lasts Longer

  •  Material Does Not Dry Inside Because It's Airtight

  •  Lay Gun Down Without Spilling - Airtight Screw Top Prevents Spills

  •  Easy Clean-up Even After Sitting for Long Periods

  •  Sprays Drywall Texture and Other Materials at the Same Rate as Large Spray Rigs

  •  Can Use Heavier Material - No Special Formulas

  •  Sprays Heavy Materials at the Approximate Rate of 1 Gallon Per Minute

Parts Included for Hopper Kit - MES-Kit

  •  New 1-3/4 Gallon Hopper with Easy-Grip Handle

  •  Coupler

  •  Regulator

  •  Connecting T

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